MOZIK Ecosystem
Decentralized Music Platform
  • NFT Investment

    The blockchain reduces the threshold for the issuance and investment of music assets. Anyone can participate in the MOZIK economic ecosystem. They enjoy music and realize value at the same time
  • Incentives

    Blockchain motivates musicians to create high value music IP Mozik protects the IP assests and shares value
  • Promotion and Consumption

    Mozik leverages blockchain to promote music and boost music consumption
  • Community economy

    MOZIK fans deeply participate in the music blockchain ecosystem. The fans are consumers and community builders. Fans share the economic benefits of the community
Mozik Feature
  • 01

    Music sharing

    Creators upload music works. Anyone can share music, listen to music and subscribe to music
  • 02

    Social Fans

    Music fans communicate online and offline through the platform and contribute traffic value. The platform traffic value is shared among everyone through the blockchain
  • 03

    IP NFT

    The released music is issued as a blockchain NFT asset. MOZIK provides copyright asset protection and authorization functions. Creators, fans and MOZIK manage and share assets through smart contracts
  • 04

    Digital Assets Exchange

    Mozik wallet realizes NFT asset issuance and management function. MOZIK provides asset exchange through built-in functions
Join Us
  • Co-founder&CEO: Chu Lee

    Former COO of Rock Mobile

    Former CEO of New Media Center

  • Co-founder&CTO: Yu Cui

    Former CTO of Rock Mobile

  • Co-founder&COO: Jinwu Han

    Apple Senior Developer & Music Technology Expert

  • IP Producer: Miao Zhang

    Top 10 Music Producer